The Treatment Process

Sedation for Dental Procedures

Intravenous sedation will be provided by an anaesthetist on your day of surgery.

Specialist Anaesthetist

The Specialist Anaesthetist does a thorough medical history to assess whether your are suitable for twilight sedation or not. Consent is obtained. The anaesthetist charges a separate fee for intravenous sedation. This must be paid prior to the day of surgery. This may then be claimed from Medicare.


Solid food may be taken up to 6 hours prior to surgery.
eg: if your surgery is in the morning, you should fast from 12:00am the night before and if your surgery is in the afternoon you may have a light breakfast at 7:00am.

Clear Fluids dental sedation sleep dentistry

Water and clear apple juice may be taken up to 3 hours before surgery


You should take all blood pressure and heart medications in the morning before surgery with small sips of water.
If you take medications that will affect bleeding (Aspirin, Nurofen, Cartia, Celebrex, Warfarin, Vioxx, Plavix) you should discuss this with the dentist/anaesthetist 2 WEEKS before surgery.

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from hypertension, heart disease, rheumatic fever, angina, allergies, breastfeeding, diabetes or asthma you may wish to contact the anaesthetist prior to surgery.

Loose Comfortable Clothing

Please wear comfortable clothing – most dental treatments are prolonged. You should wear short sleeves, or else sleeves that can be loosely rolled all the way up your arm. This is to allow a blood pressure cuff to be fitted to your upper arm on one side and a tourniquet to be applied to the other side so that a cannula can be placed. You should not wear one-piece outfits – sometimes an adhesive patch needs to be placed on the side of your rib cage under your shirt or blouse.

We will be

  • Monitoring vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature) throughout the procedure.
  • Post-operative monitoring of the patient till the sedative effects wear off.

Patient Discharge

Upon completion of surgery and sedation, you will be placed in the recovery area of the dental clinic. You will be unfit to drive after surgery or for the rest of the day, so please arrange transport to and from the dental practice prior to surgery.

A responsible adult must accompany you home.  You cannot walk home (even if it is close) nor can you go by bus. It is permissible to go home by taxi, but even then only in the company of a responsible adult friend or relative (not the taxi driver). If you have not made arrangements to be accompanied home, your procedure may have to be rescheduled.

If you have any queries please contact the surgery on 9476 6731 Hornsby or 9868 3037 Epping.