The Benefits

The most common reason why people do not visit the dentist is fear related

Many people who experience this crippling fear neglect their dental health and end up in a worse situation, which usually leads to greater expense.

Because we understand your fears we offer pain free dentistry administered by a qualified and accredited dental sedationist. We have  sessions available for appointments that we find book well ahead due to the demand for this service.

IV Sedation dentistry has many names including sleep dentistrytwilight dentistryconscious sedation.

The more common procedures provided under dental sedation are wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy and complex procedures. However, virtually any dental procedure can be performed under the management of a dental sedationist.

What does sedation do?

Sedation enables you to receive treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The intra-venous medication administered predominantly utilises a combination of sedatives (related to Valium) and pain reducers.

What are the advantages of sedation?

  • Due to the medication lengthy procedures seem to only take minutes
  • The medication often produces amnesia for the treatment
  • Compared with oral sedation, effects are more predictable and recovery can be quicker
  • More cost effecive than General Anaesthesia
  • Twilight sedation tends to be the method of choice if you don’t want to be aware of the procedure – you “don’t want to know”.
  • The onset of action is very rapid, and drug dosage and level of sedation can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. This is a huge advantage compared to oral sedation, where the effects can be very unreliable. IV sedation, on the other hand, can be both highly effective and highly reliable.
  • The maximum level of sedation which can be reached with twilight IV sedation is deeper than with oral or inhalation sedation
  • The gag reflex is hugely diminished – people receiving IV sedation rarely experience difficulty with gagging
  • Unlike General Anaesthesia or Deep Sedation, conscious IV sedation doesn’t really introduce any compromises in terms of carrying out the actual procedures, because people are conscious and they can cooperate with instructions, and there is no airway tube involved.

Sedation is the ideal option for patients who:

  • Have had past negative experiences at the dentist
  • Are apprehensive about a certain procedure (example wisdom teeth removal)
  • Don’t want to remember much regarding the procedure
  • Want to be in a relaxed and comfortable environment

Twilight Sedation vs. General Anaesthesia

Main benefits of twilight sedation over general anaesthesia are

  • Fewer side effects such as nausea and vomiting
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Breathing assistance is not required
  • Sedation can be a cheaper option when compared with general anaesthesia in hospital care

Our highly qualified team has a great reputation for providing excellent and compassionate care to our valued patients. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of services we provide. We routinely perform sleep dentistry procedures, from removing impacted wisdom teeth to dental implants procedures. We aspire to minimize your fears regarding dental treatment by providing the facility of twilight sedation at our dental practice. Call us today to know more about twilight sedation and if it can help you with your dental treatment.

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